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  I work with clients using any or all of my therapies depending on their needs and preferences.  You may be surprised at how much we can achieve in a short time. A few sessions can make a huge difference in improving your overall well-being.  The  therapies I use will make a difference quickly and you will soon be able to help yourself  to control  and transform your emotions.  Book to work with me and lets take the first steps towards a happier you.



 A new approach to weight loss without the Diet  


If you could control your weight without giving up the foods and drinks you love – no special diets and no calorie counting. The most powerful tool for reaching your ideal weight is your mind. Book to work with me and we will work from the inside out to make the journey easier and truly effective for your health and well-being. weight Loss is the happy side effect! 

TAKE THE FIRST STEP with a free Discovery Session online or by phone.


Free Discovery Session.   An opportunity for us to meet & chat about what you'd like support with. We can explore the options that will best suit you and schedule your first appointment.  This can take place online or by phone.


 If you prefer send me an email info@headingforhappy.com outlining what you'd like to work on.  


One -to-one session 1 hr - in person or online

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One -to-one session 1 hr 30 mins - in person, zoom or skype

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Call or email to arrange a time 

"I want to empower you to take charge of your life "

Cancellation fees apply unless 24 hours notice given


LIGHTEN UP Program coming soon

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You have 14 days should you decide not to take up the Program. No quibbles and your money back