What my clients say

25 minute Tapping session

A huge feeling of relief after tapping, and a surge of happiness. 

Elizabeth Reynolds, Cambridgeshire

Tapping for Pain Relief

 I really enjoyed Tapping it made a lot of difference, took my pain away. Made me happy and more uplifted. 

Pat Waldock


Tapping for the 1st time

First time I've experienced EFT and it was an amazing feeling! I feel so much better than when I came in.  Thank you.

Mrs Paula Hutchison


EFT Tapping brings almost immediate relief for stress and anxiety

Anxiety has become a part of life


People with anxiety disorders frequently have intense and persistent worry or fear about everyday situations. Stress and anxiety disorders can involve repeated episodes of sudden and intense  feelings of anxiety, fear or terror that reach a peak within minutes (panic attacks).

Stress is one of the main causes of disease.  It disrupts the body systems in  many ways and triggers our survival mechanisms, taking the energy away from maintaining health in the body.

Why is Tapping so effective with Stress and Anxiety?


Tapping is particularly powerful for treating stress because it specifically targets your amygdala and hippocampus. These parts of the brain help you decide whether or not something is a threat, EFT interrupts the stress response and relaxes the entire energy system. It easily transforms old, outdated beliefs and responses. This deactivates the triggers that cause the stress response and  puts your system back into neutral 

Supporting positive change


Recent research has shown that EFT Tapping  significantly increases positive emotions, such as hope and enjoyment.  It also decreases negative emotional states, including anxiety.

EFT helps us unlearn what we don’t enjoy about our feelings and behaviours, and more quickly learn to do and feel what we do enjoy.

In the case of a panic attack, EFT can help someone soothe themselves in a moment. They experience the feeling of panic quickly followed by a feeling of calm. Over time something special happens - the underlying potential for panic is unlearned. We are free once more. 

Stress and anxiety have many guises - fear of flying is just one. In this extract from the BBC TV program Skies above Britain. EFT practitioner works with Sara to remove her fear of flying. Watch her go from being upset on a flight, to working with Chris and see how she is with flying after just 1 session with him. 

EFT Tapping to release stress and anxiety


We all feel stress or anxiety

Stress and Anxiety are a natural part of everyday life. How ever when they begin to be felt regularly they can become harmful to health.  Anxiety can prevent us from enjoying what we are doing and sometimes stop us all together. 

Effect of Tapping on stress and anxiety

The evidence base for the use of EFT Tapping is building, it's been shown to have an amazing response over a range of conditions including stress and anxiety.  There have been over 100 trials in 10 countries on many aspects of stress...students are finding it very effective for exam anxiety, panic attacks, depression, decreasing phobias, PTSD and even for chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia. 

Tapping has the ability to turn off up to 6 genes responsible for stress.  It down regulates cortisol and is a simple and safe self-help tool.  Scientific research has found it lowers stress levels (cortisol) by 24 - 50% after 60 minutes.  Here is a link to the study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22986277  

EFT Tapping in Schools Trials - Australian  schools using EFT or tapping for academic fear and anxiety, feelings, performance and goal setting 

EFT research trial for stress and anxiety

This video takes a look at the use of Tapping to release food cravings. Also looks at a study where tapping was used to help students with stress and anxiety