Matrix Reimprinting

Re-write your past - Transform your future

  Matrix Reimprinting uses EFT Tapping and is a very gentle and profound way of resolving difficult memories, emotions or negative thoughts. 

The great thing is you don’t have to re-live the experience during the therapy for it work. 

How is Matrix Reimprinting different from Tapping?  

In EFT Tapping we tune into a specific memory and release the stress of the memory from the body’s energy system. With Matrix Reimprinting we take this to a whole new level and transform the memory. 

You go back to any negative memory and you say and do the things you wished you’d said and done at the time. You can bring in new resources and other people to support you. And when you couple this with the tapping points used in EFT, the results are extremely fast and effective.

Transforming the memory is very different from denying that it took place. From the point of view of quantum physics any number of possible pasts and futures exist. This is just tuning you into one that is more beneficial. 

 Matrix Reimprinting is all about the pictures of your past negative memories that you hold in your field or matrix. You consistently tap into these pictures on a subconscious level, which affects your health and well-being on every level. When you change the pictures, your physiology starts to change accordingly. So you are simply creating more constructive pictures for your subconscious to tune into which affects the way you interact with the world on every level.  



  • It's quick and easy to use
  • Is fun and creative
  • Allows you to get to the root  of core issues and transform them
  • Enables you to get to blocked  and preconscious memories
  • Quickly resolves trauma
  • Transforms negative  core-beliefs
  • Incorporates the advances  in Science and Biology
  • Works with the unified energy  field that connects us all

Fast & effective healing for the mind and body

  Have you ever rehearsed over and over again in your mind something that you wished you had said or done? Matrix Reimprinting gives you the chance to go back to that point in time and do it. This has a tremendously healing effect. 

Research shows that trauma is best healed through the body.  Matrix Reimprinting sends a message to every cell that the event is over. 

Best of all, transformative life changing lessons are accessed gently without forcing forgiveness.

Science behind the matrix


Einstein's Theory of Relativity

 In 1920s Einstein proved that 

“All Matter is made of ENERGY” 

In 40s Max Planck discovered we are all connected by Unified Energy Field.  Another name for this field is the Matrix. 

Scientist have confirmed we are not solid matter as we thought - we are made of energy vibrating so fast it appears solid .

We are linked by a web that connects us all. 

It was thought that memory is stored in the brain but science has not proved this.  Many scientists now believe that memory is stored in the Matrix.  When a trauma occurs, part of the consciousness splits off …this is not a new theory … this is understood in traditional western psycho-therapeutic theory. 

The part that splits goes into the Matrix


Meet your younger self

When we experience Trauma there are three possible responses:  FIGHT - FLIGHT - FREEZE

We are all familiar with fight or flight ; energy and blood flow moves from the brain to the arms or legs. 

The Freeze response protects us bio chemically from the emotional and physical overwhelm.  Consciousness compresses all sensual information.  This creates a hologram, which is held in the Matrix as an Energy Consciousness Hologram or ECHO.

These ECHOS are energetic realities existing locally in the Matrix with real personalities..


The subconscous is running the show

The subconscious doesn’t know difference between something that happened years ago or something that happened today.   The subconscious runs 95-98% of our behaviors.  These memories act as triggers and we carry on learning from these traumatic events.

The purpose of Matrix Reimprinting is to release the trauma and change both the images and the harmful beliefs held in our local fields by ECHOs .  Clearing the negative memory will transform the energy and we create a new picture whilst in the matrix.

By changing information in the Matrix, replacing it with more empowering images, beliefs and resources, we can change our lives.