Weight Loss WITHOUT the Diet


  • you're frustrated by food and body hang-ups that never seem to shift, no matter what you try.
  • you've lost and gained weight time and again.
  • you turn to food when emotions get difficult.
  • you've got lifestyle habits you'd like to change but don't know how.
  • you have a tendency to binge, over-eat or use food to fill an emotional gap.  
  • you have difficulty with  mood problems. 
  • poor digestion or a lack of energy. 
  • extreme stress doing 'every day' activities due to your weight.

EVIDENCE based program

The “normal approach” using diet and exercise have high rates of weight regained. EFT tapping has been shown to work better for weight management in the long term and is a brilliant tool to breakthrough the obstacles to your success.

What's Your Food Story


It's not just the food you eat

Understand the mind body connection

It's not just the food you eat

 We’ve been taught that it’s simply a matter of balancing calories in and calories out.  We are told If we increase our exercise and activity levels the pounds will fall away.  If we fail to see the results we want, we lose heart and society tells us we are not trying hard enough.  IT'S SIMPLY NOT TRUE 


 Your food story is the key to understanding the reasons behind your attitudes, habits,  reactions, cravings and beliefs about food. By becoming more aware of what's going on behind the scenes you will understand how and why your history is such a powerful player in your weight loss goals. 


Explore your own food story

Understand the mind body connection

It's not just the food you eat

Your unique relationship with food depends on: 

Your culture, personal and family history - When I was growing up I always had to finish all the food on my plate.

Thoughts, emotions and feelingsOften nothing to do with food. We've all experienced difficulty swallowing food when we're upset. 

Positive and negative beliefs about what you are eating - I’m going to pile on the calories after eating this. 

All of these impact your metabolism and digestion. 


Understand the mind body connection

Understand the mind body connection

Understand the mind body connection

 This is the mind and body connection at work. 

Think about how your body felt when you thought you had lost your phone or your car keys.  Your heart rate increased, your breathing became shallow and your mind went into overdrive.  At times of stress blood is taken away from the digestive process to deal with the now.

Unravel your personal  FOOD STORY and find the source of the attitudes, habits,  rituals  and beliefs you are still hold today.  

Reprogram your Mind for long term Success

It's an inside job!

Small changes make big things happen

Small changes make big things happen

When you are on a diet the main focus is always the physical transformation of weight loss, food and exercise.  

The factors that impact us the most are internal ~ our thoughts, emotions, our body feelings and our attitude to ourselves and how we manage our day to day challenges.  

By improving these we can build a happier life and weight loss will be the happy side effect. 

Small changes make big things happen

Small changes make big things happen

Small changes make big things happen

Small but consistent change will allow you to lose weight naturally. Let go of stress and the pounds will follow. 


Build an understanding of the key challenges personal to you  and how to overcome them making it possible to stay on track with your plan.

Every day is a new day, your mindset sets the direction.  

Will power isn't everything

Small changes make big things happen

Will power isn't everything

Willpower is considered the holy grail of weight loss. There is there another way... 

Whether you are addicted to sugar or you have cravings for carbs you'll gain the solution for your emotional eating.


You will overcome old attitudes to make way for the new healthy you! 

Choose winning habits that will enable your sustained progress. 

A healthy eaters mindset

A healthy eaters mindset

Will power isn't everything

A healthy eaters mindset gives you the shift you need to take small steps each day.  Doing something different will give you different results!


A healthy eaters mindset


When you are trying to loose weight the mental commitment is the hardest part, the battle is within yourself.   

Transform attitudes to exercise that no longer work for you. We can then replace them with self-defined nurturing beliefs.  


A healthy eaters mindset


Motivation is key, but often procrastination stops us in our tracks. No, you're not lazy, there are reasons why you resist change.

Begin a new chapter enjoying a more active lifestyle, doing things you've always wanted to do.   

7 Keys to Mind~Body & Weight Loss KEY#1

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Learning the basics of EFT Tapping. See how Tapping can soothe your stress away.  

Experience the first of many measurable changes that will snowball. 

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Your food story and how to write a new one

How your Food Story affects your eating.  A look at the connection between the mind and the body:

  • your beliefs
  • your thoughts 
  • your emotions
  • your lifestyle  

All impact your digestion and metabolism. Find out which emotions are known to create hunger. 

Eating a donut


 Food can be a major comforter and it's at the center of many happy life events. It's only natural we would associate certain types of food with feeling happy, loved, excited or cared for. At times of difficulty we reach for these foods to bring us that comfort. 

No wonder we develop cravings. Mine's cake and the FOOD STORY is my father has always baked wonderful cakes it's the taste of home, belonging, laughter, fun times and celebrations. 

Recognising  the emotions that cause us to reach for our trigger foods is a vital part of transforming them. 

Transform from the inside out

Ride the waves of life

Potions, Rituals and Tapping

 Reduce your desire for sugary drinks and alcohol. Drink fewer caffeinated drinks and increase your desire to drink water!  

Break your rituals and associations with drinking. 

In our house, Sunday was treat day and we always had fizzy drinks.  If you didn't get yours you felt hard done by. Or maybe you meet the girls on Friday night to share your troubles, giggles and a bottle of wine.

Food choices

Curb unhealthy buying choices

If you don't buy it you can't eat it. 

Leave the sweet and salty snacks on the supermarket shelves and get a kick from healthy foods instead. 

Change can be difficult but all the family benefits from  fresh new choices.


Jump for joy family

Put the joy back into movement

 How about increasing your motivation for exercise? Clear the psychological blocks and self-talk that stops you moving.  Explore new ways of being active and creating new active habits.

Stress and weight gain


So how does stress cause weight gain?

When we experience stress it creates an immediate response in the body.

Stress creates hormonal imbalances that can cause weight gain, the release of cortisol (stress hormone) shuts down the digestion and slows the metabolism. 

Unchecked high levels of cortisol cause 

  • high blood sugar 
  • increased fat stores
  • high blood pressure
  • muscle loss

The body diverts it's resources so it can react to the perceived threat. To do this it needs to be able to run fast, see and hear clearly. 


Stress and diabetes

Stress cranks up the sympathetic nervous system. When  the sympathetic nervous system is dominant as well as the extra cortisol we also create excess insulin and inflammation. When these are raised over a long period of time they contribute to weight gain, make it difficult for us to lose weight and difficult to build muscle.

Long term low level stress can decrease

  • Immunity
  • Cognition
  • Memory
  • Mood 
  • Energy levels



Appetite and stress

Stress and Anxiety also create Appetite Dysregulation

  • This dulls our satiety response - so we're not getting the signal we are full.
  •  Increases our desire for foods dense in sugar and fat (classic comfort foods) 
  • Increases the accumulation of abdominal fat. 

The research into understanding all the chemical and hormonal responses continues. We still have a lot to learn - we do know that use of tapping means less stress - that's good for the mind and the body.

Tapping: the tool in your Pocket

Relax and let go

Let go of the past and progress

 Discover and release the underlying issues that have stopped you from making progress before. 

Break away from social pressures and judgments and stop worrying about what people might think about you. 

Tap to feel safe outside your comfort zone and excited about the new possibilities that are opening up for you.

You are worthy of love

The confidence to change

 It's often challenging to make different eating choices around family or friends.  Simply saying 'NO' instead of an expected 'Yes' can be difficult. 

This can mean choosing not to partake of the weekly takeaway treat when you always have in the past.  It could mean choosing not to have a bit of that sugary desert your Mum has always made for you in the past - it's all made easier when you feel confident and committed to your new way of eating. 

Autumn let go for freedom

Individual sessions are available

Sometimes it's helpful to have the support of a one to one session.  Go deeper into a particular facet of your weight and self worth challenges. We want to make the changes you need for your individual progress. 

Friendship, fun, laughter

Getting to the reasons behind your eating habits

We can't wait see how far you'll have come by the end of your first 4 weeks. True changes in emotional, psychological and physical well being and a new understanding of the way your body responds. 

 As we're interested in lasting change remember to be kind to yourself and that everyone works at their own pace. 

Love, celebration, selfie, carnival.


We will get together once a week for a live tapping and phycology of eating session.

Zoom is easy to download on your phone, tablet or computer and simple to use. I send you a link each week so you can join.

Interaction is encouraged, but you decide how much. You can turn on your camera and be a part of the supportive, inclusive atmosphere or simply send and receive messages and watch the session live. 

You can catch up on the sessions up to a week later in case you miss one or you just want to watch it again.

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 Get support and encouragement without judgement from the private Lighten Up Facebook Community.  People  just like you who know how it feels to struggle with weight issues. Pairing up with your Accountability Partner means you have someone who really understands. They're on the same journey as you! They'll be with you throughout the program to keep you on track and encourage you as you go. 

You will also get

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I will be sending a weekly email to inspire, encourage and support your transformation. 

Top tips to understand more about how food affects your mind and more understanding of the psychology of eating.

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Option of Joining the Advanced LIghten up program

In this program we will focus on

  • Body Image - Feeling body confident and happy with how you are today no matter what your weight!

  • Mind over Metabolism . Understand how the mind is affecting your metabolic rate 

  • Discover what you really want when you are reaching for food.

  • Mindful Eating maintain and continue to progress with your food choices and body confidence.