Group Tapping - why it's so effective


The Power of "Borrowing Benefits"

One brilliant aspect of group EFT is a phenomenon called borrowing benefits. So all those taking part can resolve their own individual emotional blocks by focusing on one member’s specific issue. This is an amazingly effective way of working and many people find they experience considerable shifts due to the group energy.

Coming Soon - Mini Course - "EFT for Self-care in challenging times"

Learn 4 different tapping techniques so you can look after yourself any time you need to - share with your loved ones and friends.



It's time to take action on those food cravings. Where better to start than with Chocolate?  

Bring your favourite chocolaty treat and let’s make it happen. If you forget, I'll have some back up chocolate as pictured - so no excuses. This is going to make sticking to your chosen diet soooo much easier!  



Once you have learned this technique  I know you will be surprised and delighted with the results. Can't wait to meet you all. 

7 Keys to Mind-Body & Weight Loss Key#1

Stress Busters, feel better fast

Make a positive change for the New Year

Come and meet me at the Soul and Serenity Fayre

 There is never a better time to make inner change than at the beginning of a New Year. 

What are your goals and ambitions for 2020? 

What is in the way of you achieving them?

Tapping is an amazing tool that makes deep inner change possible quickly and easily. Book your session to get a head start on your desires and dreams for the 2020. You will be surprised with the results.  

Come and learn how to use EFT Tapping to relive stress and anxiety.


Experience how to stop food cravings working with your favourite chocolate and biscuits.

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