Understand the power of your thoughts and actions

What is CBT Life Coaching?


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Life Coaching  is based on cognitive behavioural psychology.  It is interested in how a person’s thinking influences his or her feelings and behaviour. 

 It aims to improve a person’s effectiveness by reducing stress and opening fresh possibilities for the future.

Cognitive refers to mental processes: what we are thinking and what we believe.
Behaviour refers to what we do: how we act in relationships and other situations.

 Sometimes we can lose sight of our goals and start drifting through life, we have lost the enthusiasm and will to make the life changes we want.  This can leave us feeling dissatisfied, empty and unfulfilled – we are just going through the motions, stuck – no longer moving forward.

Finding a new way forward


  CBT Life Coaching begins with understanding the present, we will look at what is working, and which areas you'd like to change and improve.  With renewed perspective you will  gain clarity about your future goals. 

CBT Life Coaching will help you identify the behavioural, emotional and psychological obstacles and self-limiting factors that are blocking your goals.  We will work together to develop strategies, motivation and the determination to overcome them. 

Helping you live your Best Life


The strategies, activities, techniques and exercises used are effective in helping individuals identify and challenge individual thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are self-defeating.

Negative thinking leads to negative emotions which in turn lead to negative behaviours, all of which influence an individual’s mind, body and spirit.  


CBT Life Coaching is not a therapy looking into the past it is focused on the “here and now.” With your goals in place it opens possibilities for short- and long-term strategies to improve your life. Increasing your self-knowledge and awareness, confidence and understanding of the relationship between your thoughts, actions and outcomes. Helping you achieve personal growth, and increased performance and realise your true potential for health and happiness.